Is she ignoring me after I asked her to prom?

So Friday I asked this girl to prom she was very excited and said yes gave me a hug took a bounch of pictures. I told her to text me after her practice she said ok. I Waited around all night and I just texted hey. After about a half an hour she texted back "I'm so sorry but my phones dead and im not home.can I text you tomorrow?" I said sure and goodnight. I waited around all day for her to text me and nothing. I sent her a text saying hey like an hour ago... Is she ignoring me? Its kinda making me upset because I feel like she doesn't really want to go to prom with me now...


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  • Um she's probably just busy.


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  • She could just be a shitty tester- spoken from the world's worst tester. Just give her the benefit of the doubt until you can see her in person. Sorry its rough


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  • 1. Chill out and relax
    2. Don't ever just text a girl "hey"
    3. Everybody has different texting habits, best thing to do is see if she seems normal next time you see her in person.
    4. High school is a busy time especially if she is in a sport, cut her some slack