I'm meeting this guy for the first time ... what do I wear?

okay I'm meeting this guy I like a lot for the 1st time what do I wear? I mean I'm really sexual and he knows it.so what do I wear that will make him think I'm not a goody girl and stuff


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  • He already knows you're very sexual.

    Why overstate the point?

    Dress modest and mature.


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  • For a first date even if you're a sexual person dress more casual, and as you start to get more serious dress sexier, you don't want to give everything away up front.

  • Well , Even though your a sexual person , I would say wear something casual , not too revealing , especially because this is only the first time meeting him , your not going to want to wear something slutty or anything too over the top , since this is your first time meeting.

    Casual Clothes would do it.

  • just wear something really cute and simple.

    maybe a v-neck and some jeans?

    dont show too much on a first date

    even if he knows your pretty sexual

  • Why do you want him to know you're not a goody girl?You shouldnt have to prove the point, it will come across naturally, I'm sure of it!He already knows that you're sexual so I don't think it will really matter what you're wearing.I don't think he'll really remember as long as he gets to take it off!Look, just wear something low cut, tight, and busting out of the seams.Hope that helps!