What if he doesn't text me back?

Me and my boyfriend (who I'm not sure really likes me) always text each other. we'll have these cheesy conversations about how cute we are but all of the sudden he'll stop texting me, sometimes its for 10 minutes, sometimes its for hours, and sometimes he doesn't text back the whole day. I don't ask about it because I don't want to sound pushy, but I don't know what it means... please help me!


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  • Well it sounds like its pretty simple. He either ran out of things to say/talk about or he found something else to do or had something else he had to do. That's what texts are for really to check up on ppl, say hey, tell someone you care about how you feel maybe, but not really for conversating. Call him next time you feel like talking more deeply or for longer. Texts are just more laid back and you can respond whenever you feel like it or take the time to do so.


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  • Sometimes its hard to keep a text going back and forth especially when the convo is running dry. You should try calling him a bit more often.

  • Asking about things that are important to you isn't pushy. How you ask might be pushy, but simply asking isn't pushy. So be direct, but also respectful.

    But ask him in person. Texts aren't full communication, because they don't include facial expression and tone of voice.