What to do when you like someone you shouldn't?

Ok to cut a long story short my cousin has always like this guy we'll call James but nothing has ever happened between them and she kisses other boys But she's really good friends with James and has known him a lot longer then me... Anyways I would see him at a good few party's and then he started talking to me on fb recently and then three weeks ago I saw him at a club and my cousin was also there and he took me away from the dance floor and took my hands and was like "here's the thing I really like you" and then we ended up kissing for most of the night !! but then the next day we weren't sure if my cousin was upset and he sent me a message saying "I don't know if we should kiss again cause it will cause more drama" ... To which I agreed even tho I really want to kiss him again but the thing is we still been talking ever since and it can get quite flirty and I think I like him so what will I do?


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  • go out with him, first crushes never work out especially for your cousin.


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  • Talk to your cousin about it. Tell her what happened and if it hurts her don't continue things with the guy.
    Why didn't anything happen between her and him?