Can you use Tinder on your computer, laptob? or can it only be used on your cell phone? because I downloaded it on iTunes today and am unable to?

search for people on there, or does it not work that way? does Tinder not have a searching feature? I downloaded it using iTunes, and I can't find the section where I go to create a profile and upload images of me


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  • how does tinder work? i don't want to put my Facebook in.. but it seems like it forces you too

    • yeah you need to use your Facebook. All it does is show 1-5 pictures of your choice (so you can put a giant deer as your picture if you want) and a small about me section (optional). If you like a guy swipe right and if you don't swipe left. Its people in your local area 1-100 mile based on your choice

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  • you can only use it on your phone from what i can see. But it might be possible to use it on ipad or other tablets since they use apps as well.