Girls, what are your general intentions when getting spooned by a guy?

He does necessarily have to be your boyfriend, he might be someone you like; but say he's spooning you: why would you be spooning him in the first place? What are your intentions?

Not going to lie, I've been a situation like that when a girl and I are spooning, and she's moving backwards towards me and riggling her bum at me, only she would pull my hand away from her pants. She would only be comfortable if I did it outside them.

Why would you girls act this way? ... I'm pretty sure she felt my stiffy


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  • If I was spooning someone, My intention would be to just cuddle and cuddle only but there are some girls who do it for other reasons, like to feel the guys boner or to see if he'll take things a but further.


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  • I only spoon with my boyfriend. If I was doing it with someone else, I guess it would be because I wanted to have sex. Or, a girl might do it if she wanted YOU to want to have sex and she was teasing you.

  • she prob wanted to feel ur junk or wanted u to initiate sex.

    • Hmm.. It's weird, maybe there are more factors at play? I wouldn't think a girl would invite a guy into her bed twice if she did like him...

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