What is the turn off in my profile?

I was hoping to get some kind of reviews of my profile. I've been getting a bit more serious about messaging girls lately, but am still not having much luck. I have gotten many girls to read my message and view my profile, but almost none have sent me a message back. From what I thought, the hard part was getting the girl to read your message and actually look at my profile. So there is something that is turning them off after. Please be brutally honest. I'm assuming it's my physical appearance. But want to make sure there is nothing bad in my profile also. I actually just rewrote it to try something new. I can work on losing weight, but I don't think I'm too bad looking to begin with.



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  • I just saw your profile and everything seemed fine. You sound funny and that's definitely a plus. I love guys that can make me laugh. You could lose a few pounds. But I like chubby guys. I don't know whats wrong. Girls in online dating sites are quite picky. I am in one and I get a lot of messages, you have to stick out in a way that I want to talk to you. If you don't you're just one of the many.

    • That's the funny thing. I am able to send them a funny message that stands out and have even really been surprising myself that so many girls are reading my messages. I just need to get that next step of them responding now

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    • Sending a second message never works. If they didn't respond initially I find it highly unlikely more messages from a guy they already wrote off would help my cause. And odd is the new cool, didn't anyone tell you?

    • I guess you're right I rarely answer my second messages. Well good luck.


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  • the term music snob in your profile. as a music fan i'm turned off by people who call themselves that.
    your pictures are just not flattering. You need to get friends to tell you which ones look best. The best looking pic right now is the second one.
    Internet dating is ALL about looks, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. So take some better pictures and put them up!

    • ha I just changed the music snob thing also, used to be intellectual which was pretty boring. Unfortunately that's about as good as the pictures are going to get for now.

  • To be honest Your physical appearance isn't the problem. I think you're quite handsome. You act very confident in your description but then you slam yourself by saying "I know I'm not the greatest looking". That statement may tell a girl well maybe he isn't as cute as I thought. Women love confidence. But be humble with it.

    • Ok thanks I'll take that out. That was something I just added the other day. After having so many girls not respond due to my appearance, I thought maybe just trying to talk them into messaging me might work

  • ur not ugly but I prefer more toned men

    • ha ok thanks, nothing a little working out and eating better can't fix

    • exactly :) Being a into music is a plus, I already know what you enjoy doing

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  • It is your physical appearance, I'm sorry to say. Everything in your profile seems inviting and concise. The only thing is you seem to be about 10-15 pounds overweight. I hate to be all judge-y on your appearance because you're actually a good-looking guy despite being "a few extra pounds". No homo.