is it possible to send an I miss u text without sounding too desperate?

I want to send one to this girl I know and haven't seen much of lately but worried it might come across as too desperate and just annoy her more


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  • I noticed that you put "annoy her more". Have you been annoying her?

    • I'm not sure as I haven't seen much of her in last while and a message I sent a while back might of but I haven't sent her anything in a while

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    • it was weird , first she was surprised to see me , then was with friends from school , I talked to her for a little bit , this girl is always drunk when at bars so she seemed normal as I remembered her , I don't think she would of talked to me if I hadn't talked to her but I don't think she was upset I talked to her

    • If you're looking for a girlfriend then I think you deserve a lot better. I'd look more places. If you feel like this girl is like super special or something like that just send her something light like "hey, how have you been? " but I advise against her.

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  • Yes, there is a way. Just send her a funny e-card with a wink. There's this e-card n it says something like a - mish you. I know, corny but its cute. Stop worrying about being desperate! There's no pride in love.


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  • Send a cheerful and friendly hello. Maybe a funny or thoughtful line that says it in a way she will get.