Should I believe his messages he sent?

I used to date this guy, but it felt like he only saw me as a hook up since he'd only ask me to come over like once a week and go days without contacting. He didn't seem into me enough or didn't want to be serious. Now, almost a year later he texts me asking if he can say something weird. I say sure. he replies saying he really liked being with me and wishes he was with me now, that he didn't want a girlfriend then and screwed up and said if i were to give him another chance to please let him know... he didn't ask me to come over anything, although it was at 2 am, but he wrote well with commas in the right place and apologized for it being so late so..


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  • He's probably full of it. There's not enough info. to be 100% sure, but it sounds like he was keeping you on the backburner at the time and now he's hoping to bring you back into the fold. That's just a guess though.

    You'll have to decide if you want to give him another chance. If you do give him another one, this should be the last one...he either makes it happen now or it's done.


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  • 2am? after-hours post-bar kinda text.

    you are too young to be a casual piece.

    don't believe the messages... he ain't real unless he communicates like a genuine friend.


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  • Maybe he has changed, maybe not. I would ask him if he is serious, to call me and talk about it. Or, meet with me face to face. If he can't do that, then keep it moving and don't give him another opportunity.