How can I be more exciting on a first date?

I mean, not that I'm boring. I can hold a good conversation. I just don't feel like I'm exciting enough or myself much. What are some things I can do, talk about to be more exciting on the first date? Key word: Exciting, fun and of course all at the same time, myself.


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  • You said you don't feel like you are yourself much. Its impossible for us to know why that is, but that's something you probably should look into. If you're comfortable, confident, and relaxed, you'll feel much more 'in place' with what you're doing and that itself may help you feel a little better about your whole situation.

    Aside from that, as superstrength said, go with your gut, with your instincts. The general approach a lot of people take to dating is to try to be 'filmed on their good side. '

    IE they're rather reserved because they're being very picky about what cards they should show and which to hold on to. Don't be that reserved person. A well rounded person won't have a 'good' side to film. Having this 'good' side means you also have a 'bad' side, and if you're ashamed enough of it to try and hide it, you probably should do away with that part of yourself altogether (IE bad habits, dark secrets, etc. )

    Now that's not to say you should throw yourself out there explosively like a freshly opened bottle of champagne, but you can approach your date with the mindset of "This is me, this is who I am, would you care to join the experience? "


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  • Be yourself!

    First dates tend to be nerve racking on both individuals so why inundate yourself with thoughts on how to be more exciting? Besides, you said yourself that the key words are exciting, fun and of course all at the same time, /myself/.

    So if you are exciting and fun then be yourself and the qualities will shine through. Don't suppress who you are, or pretend to be someone else, on the first date as you want to find someone who likes /you/ for who you are. You are on a date and not American Idol. :)

  • Break the rules a little. If you feel like you're trapped by the guidelines of dating, try to do something out of character. And by that I mean your dating character, don't restrain yourself because you are scared of doing the wrong thing. Whatever your first response is to a situation, go with it. You'll feel more natural, and thus be having a good time in the process. People with great confidence in themselves are exciting indeed.

  • Well it could just be you looking down on your self and your date could think you are very interesting

  • You can start by putting on more clothes on so that the guy isn't just focused on your body, but what you actually have to say.


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