Another DATE? Is it MY problem or HER problem?

I met this girl on wechat, she's kinda cute, she's 16, I'm 21. I INVITE her out in the 1st interaction, she gave me her number but it looks flakey flakey (on the date she told me she was on tuition that time, so didn't answer my phone, I didn't seem NEEDY calling her multiple times, so i just LEAN BACK, one day later, she reached for me, I set another date again, I called her, we CONFIRMED, at that point, I thought she was TESTING me, so I was happy we finally able to meet up).

So two days later, I go and take her into my car, and her friends saw me, asked me 'whether can sit in my car together', I said ''no'', because ''I decided this is one-to-one romantic date, NOT IN GROUP FORMED, letting other friends to cockblock). She was suprised saying she never see a guy who don't take BEAUTIFUL women in the car, whom are her friends, I said: I say what I mean, hahaa, I passed her test again!

But I can see she's bit shy, I try to ask questions like, ''what do you like to do?'', ''what things you like to do but you're afraid to tell your sisters'' etc. She did ask me few questions, I answered short most of them because I want her to invest and i remain mysterious.
I was making eye contact to her all the time, she didn't do much, I knew she was uninterested a bit, but she got laughed a bit when i teased her, I don't know whether IS HER PROBLEM OR MY PROBLEM.

Later she suggested to go to the park, and then she was sitting at the skateboard below, I was saying to her,''I'm going to slide down :), she said: you better don't ''
I tried to do physical escalation when I was thinking, ''hey, this girl wasn't interested to me well in earlier interaction, I better don't do that.''


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  • I'd reply to your last comment on yaddayadda's opinion here, so it wouldn't keep on bothering him.

    Asian culture is anything BUT direct. People would rather talk behind each other's backs then be direct. So what advise you hear spoken bx a western person is not always applicable in Asian culture and people.

    I think she knows that you're interested in her beyond just being friends. Because as I said, girls don't hang out with a guy alone of they're just friends. In the west, yes. In Asia, no. And what do you mean by "physical escalation"? Did you grope her?

    As I said, I think she knows your intention, she just either doesn't know what she wants or doesn't know how to respond.

    Either way, she's way too young for you and her parents would never allow you guys to date. You should find a college girl instead.


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  • She is acting like the child that she is, she's 16 dear

  • She's just weird, and sounds young and immsture

  • She's to young for you

  • This is not normal. What could you possibly have in common with a 16 yo girl? You picked the wrong type of girl


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  • 21 year olds shouldn't go out with 16 year olds. She's too young for you, bro.

  • "she's 16, I'm 21."

    That perfectly resumes your problem.

  • I would kick your ass if you were a 21 year old guy trying to date my 16 year old sister.