How do you get to know someone better when you can only communicate through messaging?

I'm talking to a guy who is over in Afghanistan, and he won't be back until summer. We typically talk about our day and what's been going on, and we also have random fun conversations and a couple of good talks. I feel like we know each other fairly well, but not on a deep intimate level; sometimes I would like to have talks that have more meaning than just "I miss you." He doesn't ask a lot of questions, and I'm getting tired of asking all the questions. Someone said telling him what I want will help, but I would prefer other ways to spark conversation and keep it going.


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  • Not the greatest idea due to randomly slow mail, but USPS letters can go very far in doing what you want.
    Email is faster and maybe that might do the trick, but seems to lack some of the zest (for me).


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  • There are apps for free phone calls and video messages