Ever purposely ignore a question in text?

So one example I want to use, this is more directed toward guys- a girl you've been dating for a month and text everyday; let's say the guy goes out one night and the next day the girl texts him "how was last night what did you end up doing?" And he responds but doesn't answer the question directly by saying "it was good! I'm hungover how are you?" When guys do this are you purposely avoiding saying what you did bc you don't want to tell her what you did? Or is it just me overanalyzing? I notice this a lot and wonder if guys do this when they have something to hide...


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  • it could be either really a little bit of both.

    if it was just him and his mates drinking and talking, then 'it was good! im hungover' seems to be a valid and resonable answer.

    unfortunately the same could be said if he was trying to hide hooking up with a chick.

    the more pertinent question is do you have any reason to not trust him? if he hasn't given you a reason to not trust him, then give him the benefit of the doubt and dont over analyze it :)

    • Good point!! I guess no he hasn't really given me a reason. I sometimes forget guys are more simple than girls. I know we girls will purposely ignore small questions like that to keep a guy wondering and curious OR if we really were out with another guy. But in his case he drunk texted me at 2am so I don't imagine he was hooking up with anyone I just found it odd he didn't answer the question since he usually addresses everything I ask...do guys ever do that too? Try to keep us wondering on purpose?

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    • Can I ask you another question? So this same guy will be doing his actual bday celebration this tomorrow (sat night) he told me on tue that he'd keep me posted on what he's doing in case I don't have plans...how long should I give him to tell me the plans before I do my own thing on sat? I am nervous bc it's been less than a month and I haven't met any of his friends yet so wonder if he'll change his mind about bringing me around last minute. Also he's in his mid 30s don't know if that makes a diff

    • this is an interesting situation. because you need to find and tread the line between wanting to make yourself available to him, but letting him know you have your own life and you do do other things and you aren't going to wait forever. it sorta reminds me of the saying,

      "i am nobodys second choice. i am either your first choice, or i am no choice"

      and believe it or not, people do pay attention to this. when they leave it to last minute to get back to you, the penny drops and its like oh you do have a life (which people like), and next time i need to get back to you earlier.

      and to be honest it doesn't hurt to say you have plans even if you dont if they leave it really last minute to include you.

      but answering your question, you need to be fair to yourself, you need to be fair to your friends, and if they haven't gotten back to you by Friday night, you should lock in your other plans.


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  • shouldn't assume he's cheating, that's a good way to become paranoid, which can ruin a relationship pretty quickly

  • In a text I would put it in a general way, but not too general. It's mostly because I am too lazy to type lol

  • No I've never done this

  • I got 1,920 texts messages in 48 hours from a girl. So yes, I ignore questions. This is no exaggeration either.

    • Well I don't text him a lot he always initiates...and usually he is good about answering any questions I place in texts but I know the other night he went out it was for a bday. Could it be bc he was with other girls?

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  • I am not a guy, but I do believe it's because they don't to tell you or they are just focused on what part of the question.