Why does he text me and doesn't reply?

I (23 year old) met this 30 year old guy on tinder and we started whatsapping the same day we matched, then 3 days after he sent me a whatsapp again and we chatted like almost all day for about a week, then he started to reply like and hour or hours later, so yesteday I was fed up and told him "too busy or too uninterested? hahaha" and he replay "hahaha, I'm off to work". I didn't reply because I took it as a I'm not interested and he didn't talk to me anymore, then today I was heading out and got a call from him, but I didn't answer, ofcourse! so an hour later I sent him a whatsapp, and he went online and didn't reply. Why does he do this? What should I do?

(He asked to meet various times and I was like yeah, he knows I'm a single mother, and he seemed really interested!, he's really busy now because he's going on a vacation and he owns restaurants so he has to leave everything in order, but still I don't think he doesn't have time to reply to my whatsapp when he's online!)


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  • You are too clingy. If someone is interested doesn't means he will remain in touch with you like 24*7. There are various activities a guy does. He may be busy.
    This is how girls usually spill the water on beans.

    • its not really clingy when he too is messaging all day every day for a week. what it is, is he can't be fucked working this hard just to pull a root.

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  • youve both started playing games. personally i would find this to be a waste of my time and i would move on. unless of course you particularly want to to be used for sex, then by all means, continue what you're doing :P


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  • He is not interested

    • I think if a guy is interested, you can communicate everyday, but it doesn't have to be ALL DAY. A casual hello, is enough for me, but if he has all of this going on. You can't expect him to consistently be in touch