Girl ignoring me? or is this a mofoing game!?

Okay so I'll jump straight near the end and skip out the detail unless you need them. Had a great chat with this girl that throughout meeting has been interest but then when I gave her a compliment, she reacted well then I sent another text after that silence... one hour later I said "i'm off to my essay, it was nice chatting with you :)" next day still no response I send one and my last ever one saying "hey :) would you like me to give you that call?" no response.

Earlier in the texts like a few days back she says she bad at replying and is busy, but in this case she answers the phone to other people I know and goes on Facebook.

My question, what provoked her to just ignore me? this likely isn't a game. Should I just ignore her or be mature and just call her and if doesn't respond then forget her?


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  • Maybe she talked to her friends and changed her mind


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  • Just ignore her, more fishes in the sea. She CLEARLY indicated not interested in you.