Can there be no connection after a 4 HOUR DATE?

I'm a 30 year old male who has a stable career in healthcare and met a 28 year old woman on a blind date. We were set up by friends and texted and talked for about a week and a half before we decided to meet up. We meet up one afternoon for drinks. We chat and talk for nearly 4 hours. There was never a dead spot in our conversation, just a good time and lots of laughs. The date ends we hug and part ways. I don't hear from her afterwards so I text her about a day and a half later (standard protocol) to say I had a great time meeting here and that we should do it again sometime. She doesn't respond. Two days go by so I text her again just to say I haven't heard from you in a bit, I guess you're not interested. Good luck with everything. She finally responds with "Thanks. I enjoyed the date, but didn't feel a connection. Good luck to you as well. Take care..." Now I'm not mad or upset that there was no connection, but who sits and talks to a person for 4 hours and says there was no connection? Was this a passive burglary (robbed of time and paid for all the drinks)?


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  • Yup you see it on things like Millionaire Matchmaker all the time and those people spend like the whole day trying to wooh a person. You don't have chemistry like that you don't have chemistry like that. People aren't always open about it so they don't hurt feelings. I think that was rude of her not to right out respond that she felt nothing and just ignore you until you mention something. That wasn't cool and not very mature.


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  • I think it's very unlikely to feel a connection after 4 hours but not impossible. I once went on a 4 hour date with a guy and when I didn't learn anything new about him - I decided that dating him was a waste of time.

    • Why stay for 4 hours? Why not leave lets say after an hour or two?

    • I was insecure and I wanted validation that I was attractive enough for a guy to spend more time with me so I agreed to stay longer to gauge his interest in me. This was 5 years ago. He was too serious for me but he was also 12 years older than me.

  • Just because she didn't feel a connection with you doesn't mean she didn't enjoy the conversation. It would have been rude to say in the middle of the date, "yeah I'm not feeling it…see ya later!" Granted, she should have responded after your first text, but oh well.


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