Albanian guy who makes me go crazy...?

I'm a game manager and i met this guy online, he was asking me to help him with this game, so since i also play that game i told him to go to my server where i could really helped him out. Anyway long story short. We became very good friends at first, also flirted a bit but only as a joke and to annoy others. But then the flirting got more serious... He started doing things that are sweet and all. Also told me that i am the only women he can trust and that he never thought about introducing a girl to his parents before he met me (and i know this is a big deal in Albanian culture becouse he told me). He got to know a lot about me and what happened to me and told me he would never ever let something bad happen to me again. I want to believe him. Now he wants me to pack my things and come to Albania to be his (that was his words). What should i do?


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  • Have you ever talked to this guy outside the game like on Skype, seen him on a webcam, seen pictures, Facebook, talked on the phone, searched his name, etc.. If it were me, I would be afraid to fly out of country to meet a guy that I met online. I would be afraid of it turning into something like the show Catfish on MTV (not saying he is a catfish). There's also a lot to take into consideration such as family, friends, job, etc. I think another thing to do was try to date him long distance to see how that would be. I was in an online relationship once with a guy who was my best friend, within the first few weeks of dating I knew I did'nt want to be with anymore. There seems to be a big difference sometimes when flirting and then actually online dating/


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  • You can make a vacation out of it. But I wouldn't expect much. This is online dating. Things don't always appear as they are.

  • You are very lucky!!!
    Be aware of his traditions and if you would like to follow them in the future. If so, go ahead, he seems to really like you! Good luck! :)