How many days in advance do you plan out first dates?

This girl and I only met once and she cancelled our first date and didn't try to reschedule but I was cool about it and after a few weeks we started texting and she's really interested now. So I want to ask her out to go bowling/laser tag next weekend. How many days in advance do people plan out first dates? And is bowling/laser tag a good idea or would mini golf be better? Also should I ask her if she wants me to pick her up? We live about 40 min from each other and she said no last time.


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  • Out of curiosity, how far in advance did she cancel the first date?
    I'd say probably make plans around a week before, especially if it's a weekend plan. But that all just depends on your schedules. I've made dates that were for the next day and some that were for 2 weeks out because of busy schedules.
    And she may have picked up interest now because of a less hectic schedule or maybe things didn't work out with someone else she went on a date with.
    I think any of your date ideas sound like good ones! And to be a gentleman, you can offer to pick her up, but since you don't really know each other she probably feels safer being able to take her own vehicle to meet you.

    • She actually cancelled on the same day lol but she was really sorry and had a good reason. But I think she's kind of shy so she didn't offer to reschedule it. We met really randomly and we had a lot of fun the night we met and whenever we talk on the phone. I really want to see her in person again though so I'm going to ask her out for this weekend. Which would you say is a better date night, Friday or Saturday?

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    • I'll probably go with Friday I think since she doesn't work. Then if it goes good maybe we can do something Saturday or Sunday. Should I call her or just do it over text?

    • I'm partial to texting just because you never know when someone is available to talk. Plus it's a little less nerve-racking.

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  • 3-6 days so less than a week so she'll remember your plans together.
    I think mini golf would be cute for a date. Laser tag sounds like friends hanging out. Depends if you want it to be a casual, relaxed date or a cute one.

    • Ya I'm leaning towards mini golf too...I've never actually played lol but it'll be fun.

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  • If she's not into lazartag she may be the wrong one, good luck and yes tell her you will pick her up