Why can't I get standard knowledge, and why is it wrong to get it so I can get sex/dating/relationships?

I personally don't care if it offends others, people need to get with the programme and accept others will live their lives. Enough with the ghetto psychology, just because people's religious gurus in their youth told them how people "should" behave (when human behaviour is varied) I personally don't care...I don't need to. Most people live peacefully, if you don't in the ghetto, so be it, perhaps you deserve to be poor or oppressed/downtrodden.


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  • You could try Adult Education.

    • i have a degree. and numerous certifications. i am doing an MBA soon and want to finish with a doctorate. i don't need education.

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    • eh? Just seeking a goal. But according to you this is offensive...lol...whatever dude...get with life..or tell me how you "humanity is supposed to be" lol..

    • You're right. What about I'm not quite sure, but you are. That is all that matters.