Do you think it is right for him to do this? Girls and guys please answer

Me and this guy were "an item" for a good 5 months, on and off he would tell me he wanted me then didn't want me. About 2 months ago he randomly broke up with me. He kept telling me he didn't know what the reason was, but still liked me a lot..and probably in the future we would get back together. About a month later, we hooked up again but he said "it didn't change anything". He has hooked up with a couple other people in between and never really showed an interest in coming back to me yet Lately, he was starting to talk to me again in the hallways at school. School is now over and he found out that I have been hanging out with this group of guys that he absolutely hates. The 2 groups never got along, and always wanted to fight each other. He told me that I am the lowest of lows, that I am a dirtbag for hanging out with them, to not talk to him..don't look at him..he doesn't want to look at me..I'm 'disrespecting him". Meanwhile, he doesn't ask me to hang out anymore and he is doing his own thing. Do you think it is right for him to make me choose him or the other kid? Should I really not talk to this other kid just because my x has had a rough past with them? I really don't know what to do


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  • just maybe find someone better? why are you...ask yourself why are you so hung up on this particular guy? what is so special about him? why do you think he's coming back to you? (perhaps he's been rejected by everyone else so far). what did these guys say to him about you? your ex hooked up with a couple of other people already...if he tries harder to be with you, I would maybe MAYBE take him back, but really, he has no right to tell you who you can hang out with. he's probably fearing that one of these guys will go out with you and he doesn't want that


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  • Your too dense... You let him sleep with you while he went off and slept with other girls. I'm sorry, but this guy doesn't deserve your loyalty and attention. It's best to forget about him. Your attachment is too oblivious to what he's doing to you. He's merely dragging you along like a closet hanger. Please learn to move on.

  • F**K your ex hang out with whoever you want. He wants to run your life and control you so he can feel superior. It's your life you do what you want no matter what he thinks. He obviously doesn't like you and care about you that much.

    • Yeah I knoww, and I also thinks he's justjealous because now hetellls his friends he can't get a girl anymore...when he broke up with me to get girls and now he can't (:

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  • Do you still like the other boy?!

    that doesn't matter if you still do it doesn't matter

    he's being an a**hole to you and if he really like you

    he has to be ok with you hanging out with other guys even if he

    doesn't like them

    I bet you would tell him the same if he did that to you

    ignore him, he's in the past I know it hurts and you just want it to stop

    but you need to forget him

    I hope it helps

    • I don't like my ex anymore but there will always be those feelings there you know? my ex keeps bothering me about this kid...i think he's mad that I finally drifted from him

  • Get out of that relationship, don't even go there!