Is there anyway I could get her to give me one?

ok I have been dating someone and I have been there first for like everything I kiss her everyday and she kisses back every time not matter what she says she can't resist ok now I have giving her hickeys plenty that was the first for her now is there anyway I could get her to give me one I have tried hinting at it but she doesn't follow along when I hint at things so I am looking for a way to kinda hint at it that would work thanks u:] o and only girls please for this one


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  • Why would you want a hickey?! LoL


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  • While you are kissing or making out or whatever, moan and say something like 'i like it when you kiss me on the neck babe' and then when she does it tell her how good it feels and hopefully she will get the idea if you are doing it back to her. Lead by example, and if all else fails, just tell her that's what you want her to do. Us girls can be clueless sometimes