Does He Like Me, Playing hard to get or just messing with my feelings?

This guy at my school we flirt everyday text almost every day, he tired to kiss me but my teacher walk in the class i catch him staring at me a lot it seems like he always has to touch me my hair face anything , also he tells people that me & him are dating but we are not he even told my friend he likes me but when i ever i ask he say "I don't know" my friend asked him again now he saying "I don't know" he told me he loves me but yet i find out he just got in a relationship but yet he still flirting with me I'm totally confused. But he says he don't like her a lot and just dating her so he won't be mean plus his brother wanted him to date her. Im just in a state of confusion does he like me or just playing with my feelings? Excuse my grammar i just typed how i talk.


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  • He sounds like a DICK. lol just kidding. He probably really likes you, but if he won't leave his girl for u...girl...ur waaaaaaaaaayy outta his league! Haha

  • tell him to be straight up with you or to leave you and should he want to be with you he shouldn't be with that other girl