Whats the deal with this girl she's on and off?

So there's this girl I've been talking to her for a month. At first she was really flirty asked me to walk her to class we were hugging and all that. I asked her to prom and she said yes. So I thought that we were "talking" but I wasn't sure so I asked she told me that she's not ready for a boyfriend right now. I know she broke up with her ex 3 months ago so that's understandable. She asked me what I wanted between us and I said I thought we had something. She told me that we could have something in the future. So I figured since were just friends I didn't need to text her everyday. 3 days went by and she sent me a long message saying how she's sorry that she hasn't texted me the past couple days that she's been really busy and she cracked a couple jokes in the text she also said text me tomorrow if you want goodnight. If we are just friends why did she text me that? Is she trying to make sure I dont lose interest in her?


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  • she's trying to get used to the state of being single once again (she is now turning towards you)..just give her some time and you'll see that she will be much more able to define what she really wants in life..


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  • She's not losing interest in you and keeping you warm on her back burner for that day she is ready to do the BF thing again. I hope you're not just waiting around for her ex to decide to get back with her... that's being strung along.

    So it's best to stay on the back burner but also shop around for someone casual and more available.