GIRLS: If there was a guy you LIKED, but then you suddenly lost interest within ONE WEEK, how would you feel if he told this to you?

We had been hitting it off fine, texting Thursday night... but Friday afternoon she's giving the cold shoulder, and I think it's because I wasn't showing as much care as she was showing towards me.

"Hey, listen. I noticed that you seem a bit distant lately, I just wondering if you're ok? Listen... I know I might not be the best at showing it, and sometimes I might come across as a bit rough around the edge, but I just want you to know that I do genuinely care about you..."

Should I say this, and if so - in person, text, or phone?


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  • Better to always say something in person. Always. Especially if it's something personal and if you want to come across as sincere. Over the phone is easy... cheap... basically not authentic. You'd want to have a conversation with her in real life yes and then you can tell her all that. If she's not interested in you, at least you tried. Also just remember that people sometimes come across as distant but it doesn't mean anything has changed. It could just mean that they are busy, upset, occupied, need alone time etc. But I'd still talk to her about it, especially if it's something that bothers you.


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  • I would say ok thanks! And move on, because quite frankly, if he really liked me then he wouldn't be acting distant in the first place. And to me, I like a guy to be consistent in his affections.

  • I would admire you for saying that and would give you another chance. I myself never started liking someone and losing interest in the same week, that's bizzare.. But I think she'll respect you and give you a shot. You should probably say it over the phone if your too nervous to talk to her in person, but in person is always the best option. DO NOT TEXT. That is the most non-personal form of communication. Good luck :)

  • In person, it is a lot more intimate that way she can see that you mean it.


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