How to tell if it's a date!!!

so this guy that I have a crush on tried calling me like 3 times a couple of nights ago. I was half asleep so I didn't answer. But when I looked at the caller id it said the guys name on it. It was weird cause I didn't know why he would call me. So next day comes around and I get a text from him saying..."hey I tried calling you last night, call me". I thought he accidentally called the wrong number so that surprised me. He called me again and he asked me if I wanna see a movie with him...i said just wondering is it a date?and like he tried calling me and trying to get a hold of me...please help...


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  • Everything is a date.

  • A person may or may not like you, but going out somewhere with someone is a "date". Just go out with him and find out yourself lol.


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