Significant other the same as boyfriend/girlfriend?

I'm fully aware of the high risk of sounding stupid that comes with asking the question I'm about to ask, but if a guy refers to himself, to you, as your "significant other", does that mean the same thing as boyfriend to him, or is that his way of getting out of using the term "boyfriend"?

(Obviously I'm asking because of a specific occurrence. The guy and I have been seeing each other for months now, and we act like a couple and do couple-y things, but we've both been weird about actually referring to the other as boyfriend/girlfriend as opposed to just the "person I'm seeing", and he recently referred to himself as my "significant other" in passing).

I know guys can be evasive about titles and terminology, so do these terms mean the same thing or is there a difference? (i.e. one being less "serious", so to speak, than the other?)


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  • I really can't see there being any meaningful difference at all. Same thing to me.


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  • Significant other can be used in a boyfriend/girlfriened relationship but I think you should clear that out. Saying boyfriend or girlfriend is really making things official and it sounds like you're avoiding making it really official...considering you are both acting like boyfriend and girlfriend already