Thank you gift for a boyfriend?

I recently made a boyfriend and wanted to get him a gift. He often gives me gifts like on the first date some books as a momento and a souvenir from a trip. It isn't really a special occasion but I wanted to thank him for a lot of things like taking me out and driving all the way to my area since he lives far.


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  • How well do you know him? Do something different for him, something that he really likes and that you know he is really into?

    • I've known him since November last year but started dating at the end of February . Umm he's into games and making costumes but I'm unsure what I can do for him. Do you think giving a hanging air freshener for his car is weird? As he owns a car.

    • if he is a gamer maybe doing something gaming based depending on the game he plays? a air freshener is a little..too small

    • okay. thank you.


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  • I think that is awesome! It's very thoughtful and considerate. It will make him feel good and he's lucky to have you as a gf!

    • Thank you~ But I don't know what I could give him. Do you have a girlfriend and if yes, what kind of things did she give you?

    • She did occasionally do something nice for me though, and when she did I really appreciated it.

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  • Id say get him something you know he likes or something you know hell use.