Why does it seem like people are squeamism about using "the D word" (date) when spending time with a person of interest?

People nowadays use the term "hanging out " or "kicking it", instead of the word "date"...when spending time with a person of interest that isn't a monogamous partner (aka when casually dating).

I dont blame them; for some reason the word "date" in the casual dating phase, is a forbidden word that SOMEHOW (supposedly) strikes fear in people and makes some people lose interest.

Funny how the word "date" has so much negative powers nowadays!


Why do u think that is?

Use examples of yourself or others, if u so choose, so we can understand your viewpoint.


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  • I don't know! It's frustrating haha. More than once, a guy has asked me "hey do you wanna hang out" and I was like "Sure!" and I had no idea they meant a date. I wish people would make their intentions clear because I don't like guessing.


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  • ohh hey thought i would respond to yours! I think it is mostly the fear of rejection or making things awkward if the other person doesn't feel the same way. Sometimes in college too, the idea of a date is more formal when sometimes I feel like I am a lot more laid back and can get to know him better when we are hanging out so there are no expectations.Also, sometimes it can be hard to tell what the other person is thinking. So by hanging out you are putting yourselves in asituation where you can see where things go! I think if you are just hanging out but you want to see how they react, try being a little more flirty. Things should begin to eventually flow naturally. Like my example is I dont want to ask a guy out on a date as a girl, so if there is a guy I am interested in I will ask him if he wants to hang out. Hoping he will take the hint or I can at least be flirty and see how he responds :) hope this helped haha


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  • You never wanna say that word when you are trying to take her out. That's just part of the rules