I am dating someone and he hasn't called me today, it's about 8 pm now. should I call?

i told him I would call him after work at about 10pm last night but I was a bit annoyed with him, so I just decided not to call. He texted me around 2am asking if I was awake, and I wasn't so I read his text when I woke up but just decided I would talk to him when he called. I have never gone this long without talking to him since we have started dating, he ALWAYS calls me, so I am confused as to what to do, seeing as I kind of started this game :/


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  • Exactly... you started the GAME. Stop playing games. It doesn't help anyone. Call him and say you got off work late and were tired and forgot you said you'd call. Games do not help a relationship.


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  • It's okay to call him here. I'm all into him initiating first, but in this situation, you look mad at him.

  • Don't play games. Just call the boy.