How to hint out to a crush that you wanna kiss him?

He knows I like him & vice-versa. He always makes that pouty/duck kissy face but I don't if he really means anything. One time his friend Bill, who is also my friend, told my crush that if I was dared to kiss him I would. I laughed & denied it alittle. He smiled at little at first then just made a face as if was creeped out. I don't wanna exactly make the first move but I wanna let him know I'm chill about us kissing. Help?


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  • Use the triangulation method.

    When your faces are close, look at his right eye, then left eye, then at his mouth.

    Also, asking "Can I kiss you?" won't hurt.


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  • Be flirty. Look sexy. Wear perfume. Don't be afraid on touching him. Get close to him when the situation presents itself.

  • A spontaneous kiss out of no where is extremely hot.

    Well, if the person is into that is.


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