What to talk about with your boyfriend?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now and we text everyday. I wanna talk to him but sometimes it's boring cuz we have nothing to talk about. Sometimes I know what he's going to say before he even says it. I just don't want him to get bored of me or think our relationship is getting boring cuz we dont have much to text about. It's fine in person it's just the texting. We don't text as much cuz of it cuz we don't know how to respond to each other. (It's not that bad I'm just saying I'm tired of texting the same crap cuz it's boring) What do you talk about with someone you've been dating for awhile? And does interesting convos really matter?


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  • I've been with my boyfriend for going on 3 years, trust me, I've been through this. Usually, unless one of you is occupied, there is always something to talk about.

    Usually we talk about things that are making us nervous, how someone is really annoying, what you are currently doing, what you want to do, how work is going, how school is going, what we are doing in classes (in specifics, ditch the "not much"), what are parents are up to, things you want to do over this summer. Sometimes it helps if you start out the convo with a statement, rather than an open ended question, for example "I really want to go to the beach this summer" instead of "What do you want to do this summer?", obviously you can follow up your statement with this, or something similar, but sometimes starting off with a monologue is helpful.

    You switch from talking to get to know each other, to talking to express your feelings and wants.


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  • Give it a break for a while.


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  • I can see that you both are going to get bored. Communication is key in a relationship. Me and my man barely text; if I want to talk to him I call him or go see him and we have been dating for 7 months. You have to get use talking to each other over the phone because if you don't then you will not talk often and him being your significant other, there should be a lot of talking.
    I would say to spice it uo; do something spontaneous. Take him on a date, take him to a lake. Something he would not expect something no women has ever done for him. You have to make it fun for the both of you or it will not last. Think outside the box and spend more time together. The more time u spend together you will start to have conversations about absolutely nothing but you'll be able to talk for hours. That's when you know that your relationship is real.