Just a friend?

I was hanging out with my guy friend and he mentioned that I should come over and see his new apartment. He then commented on how long it had been since we saw each other. He told me to call him three times in our 30 minute conversation. I'm confused because he also mentioned that he was dating an 18 year old. He's soft-spoken and VERY hard to read.


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  • I agree with ashley for the most part. I think this just sounds like a guy that appreciates having you as a friend and values your companionship, and as such doesn't want to lose it.

    But for the most part this is hard to give a decisive answer on based on the information given. For all we know the guy you're speaking to is very casually dating this girl. Many people see no problem with casually dating multiple people, and only get monogamous when the dating gets more committal and serious.


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  • It really just sounds like he genuinely likes you as a friend, but your question isn't too detailed. Has he gave you any other reason to think he may like you, because in your question it sounds more like friendship talk than anything