I'm going on a second date next week and need some help fast!!!!

I'm going on a second date next week and I have chosen to take her on a picnic... What should I bring on the picnic like for food and stuff plus we are going on a nature walk after so my question is...

What should I bring for food? and what should I bring that won't have me carrying anything during the nature track?

Any advice is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! please help me out


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  • o my gosh that is soo adorable! and honestly if this girl is worth your time she will love that you were that creative and took the time to think of her. if she likes romantic things and is a total sap (like myself haha), then a picnic basket would be so cute. for food, you don't have to do anything to fancy, but it would be great if you make it yourself...if she likes outdoorsy things, make her a yummy bbq :) or even sandwiches, with cookies your mama made and little things like that. this shows that you like her enough to put the effort in. also make it a little easier on yourself and use all disposable materials--just make sure that there's a place to throw out your trash. :) good luck!


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  • Truth is, your lady will probably be so excited that you planned a sweet and thoughtful date that she won't care what you serve. Don't forget that.

    As for particulars, think light (since you're going for a walk after) and easy to eat...what about something like sparkling grape juice, chicken salad or tuna salad (you can find tons of easy recipes online--do you know if she's a vegetarian or vegan?), croissants, and berries with whipped cream for dessert? You can pack it all in tupperware that you can toss in a backpack and won't weigh more than a couple ounces once you've eaten, and you can use plastic forks and cups and paper plates...don't forget napkins and a blanket!...have fun!


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  • Have a plan for EVERYTHING. It's good you're asking here, but definitely don't ask the girl these questions. Have a plan, stick to it, because we're supposed to lead, and they, follow.