Please help I'm going your of my mind! I feel like such a mug!!

I've been taking to this guy for a month+ now, he's an electrician so he's busy throughout the day so I usually only get 1 or 2 texts during the day then he texts me when he's home and he calls me. He's really hard to meet up with because he's busy with work or has family commitments because he's a big family guy which is cool. Anyway so this weekend. After not seeing me for 2 weeks since he kissed me (bear in mind nothing changed texting and calling wise that was still great if not slightly better with more texts and kisses and telling me he cares about me) we were meant to meet up this Saturday but I got a text Saturday morning saying he was at the hospital with his mum and wouldn't make it today.
Of course I was upset but I was cool about it and just said hope everything's ok and to text me when he can. So i didn't hear anything from him till about 4pm which was quite long from 5am when he text me, saying he just got back and was going to sleep which again I was cool with and said I hope he has a good sleep etc. then from 4pm I didn't hear anything from him until 3:30 the next day (Sunday) which is very irregular because he at least texts me when he gets up. he only text because I rang him but panicked and hung up before he could answer so he text me saying sorry he missed it he was at Easter dinner with his family so I said that's fine and hope everything is ok etc but then I hear nothing from him again all day until 1 o clock in the morning because I texted him saying "I've got the message goodnight" because I was pretty pissed off by now. This was a massive change by him in 2 days and he called me up and said he didn't have phone. Signal and he was sorry. I explained that I am insecure and thought he was ignoring me and we talked and made up , he. Then sent me a very cute birthday text calling me 'bubby' and he wished he could see me and to have a good day at 2am as my birthday was the Monday. Then the next day I hear NOTHING from him. WHATS GOING ON

May I add he said he's pop in to see me on my bday and heard nothing from him until 11pm saying he fell asleep after work how was my bday. I replied saying it was good hood you slept well to which I've now not had a reply at all. I don't understand?


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  • Guess I'm from a completely different culture or maybe I'm just being naive, but I don't see anything too abnormal in his behavior... Sometimes other things happen in life and you can't be glued to your cellphone 24/7? It seems like he has a lot going on, but is still contacting you and seems interested.


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  • Sounds like you are extremely insecure and you'll end up pushing him away if you don't change.


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  • Sounds like he has a girlfriend and you are his girl on the side.