Is it a good idea to date someone for the sake of gaining dating experience although you already know it's not going to work out?

Is it a good idea to date someone for the sake of gaining dating experience although you already know it's not going to work out?

I know it's not working out because she shows traits I don't like. Also she's not physically attractive to me.

I do not want to get into her pants even if she offered that to me on a first date.


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  • No, that doesn't sound like a good idea at all.
    Most importantly because she could end up developing real feelings for you.
    Besides it kind of defeats the purpose of dating.
    People date to find someone compatible, who they like being around for both emotional & sexual reasons

    I'm not even trying to be offensive. I'm truly curious, fill in the missing pieces because there must be something more to this story.
    Are there no other girls willing to date you
    Is she a friend who likes you and since you having nothing better to do you're just going to use her to pass time.
    I'm really confused, fill in the blanks please.

    • Currently the one I'm attracted to is not attracted to me.
      No, I just met the one I want to "date".
      It's not like I want to pass time. I just don't have that much dating experience. I sometimes get nervous and don't know what to say in one on one situations. So I thought exposing myself into these kind of situation would help me.

      I want this situation to be as realistic as possible. That's why I wouldn't not want to tell her first. But again, I will *not* sleep with her, because I know that this would be wrong.

    • Wow that's actually really clever ^_^
      Staging a date, for practice
      If it's a one time thing than maybe
      but continuously dating/ staging a relationship is like treading dangerous water

      I feel time and energy could be better spent forming a better relationship with the girl you actually like or just moving on all together since you seem to think she doesn't like you

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  • No. It's not fair to the girl to do that to anyone. You should think about how you would feel if someone was using you to gain experience in a relationship even though they had no genuine feelings for you.
    Also being in a relationship with someone you care about is quite different than being in a relationship with someone simply for the sake of it.
    Furthermore many people will think twice about getting in a relationship with you if they know you are prepared to drag out a relationship that you know will not work rather than openly communicate with them.
    If you know it's no going to work then please, for your sake and hers, end it now.

  • Wowza. I thought this would be commen sense but I guess its not.
    short answer? no.

  • Uh no. She's still a person not a tool to practice with. O

  • Playing with people's emotions is EXTREMELY cruel.


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  • No because it is extremely unfair and cruel to do that to the other person. A relationship is a two way street and you would essentially just be using them and thats not cool.

  • no, because that would be using someone, noone wants to be used