In a relationship is there always a reacher and a settler?

I remember watching a How I met Your Mother ep where they were talking about how there's always a reacher and a settler in a relationship. Meaning one is out of the others league. So one reached out and one settled. Everyone keeps saying I am out of my boyfriends league but to me he as cute as can be. Do you believe in every relationship this is present? In past relationships have you been the settler or reacher?


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  • Yes and no. If you're looking at just looks, there is almost always a better looking one (usually the female). But overall, things tend to balance out. Hence why you see ugly rich guys with hot women. Everyone brings something to the table in a relationship.

    • This is pretty much what I was thinking. For example in my last relationship I was the better looking one, but my boyfriend was the smarter and funnier one out of the two of us.

  • I don't believe this in the slightest

  • No, I do not believe this.

  • I've been the settler according to my friends. I believe there's some level of truth to this but it doesnt matter what others say. All that matters is that both people are happy with their relationship, whatever happiness means to them.


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