Is there a better way to get a girlfriend? If so how? Please read the details.

So I've never had much luck in finding the right girl. My friends can't set me up. My coworkers are all old. And the women in my college classes are unattractive in both appearance and personality. Of the few girls I have gotten to know in my classes 1 had a boyfriend and the other told me she "rode solo" but wanted to be friends. Since then I've tried approaching girls I don't know around campus, small talking them for a bit and then asking for their number so we can continue talking. This approach has never worked. Not on campus or anywhere else. I've tried Okcupid and Tinder and, even though girls pick me, they never respond when I try talking to them. At this point, I am at a total loss as to what to do. It's also hard because my city doesn't offer a lot of places to socialize -- especially for younger people.


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  • At your age, disregard females acquire currency.

    • Meh. I've always wanted more in life than money. Who said this anyway? I've seen it on shirts with some crusty old white guy. Haha!

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    • I want it now so this is unsatisfying but I suppose you're right.

    • With your username, buy a Jag :)


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  • I think the best thing is to be the best guy you can be, all around. It will attract more of the right kind of girls you want, but will also attract some you really don't want.

  • Take a leave from work and go for a vacation somewhere. There are a lot of girls around also searching for men.

  • What sort of girl are you attracted to?

    • I like smart girls who dress well. Ones who are kind and are eccentric. Girls who are adventurous and open-minded. I prefer Latinas, but am not exclusively interested in them. Love black hair. Can't be overweight.

    • I'm sure there are lots of Selena Gomezes around

    • Try randomly asking one out from the retail store

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  • at least girls have picked you on tinder. noone has picked me yet