Me and my guy best friend kiss inspite of we both never want to do?

i have a guy best friend from past 5 years.we both are very connected nd attached to each other, shares each other smiles and problems always.but few months back he starts avoiding me without any reason. then obvious i become restless and also its effect my relationship with my boyfriend but i asked my best friend but he tells me nothing and at that i realise that i am falling for him.our mututal friends always teases both of us as they always think we make good couple but i never think like all that talks but at that time i really get confused and then finally asked him why he is avoiding me , he again said nothing so then i tell him that i love him.he became shocked and not directly but accepts this fact and said that he will makes himself away from me to save my relationship with my bf as he is coming between us and you are falling for me.he hurt himself never talk to me stay alone always and upset.after it he became normal after 4 months and we call each other as a friend at night and i jokely say i love you but he never says it.

last day i went his house for notes he was alone. i take notes and say him bye.he is bit drunk and sitting on his bed.i i shake hand with him say bye and also miss you as he is going his hometown next day.suddenly he pushed me on his bed and statrts kissing my lips softly for long time..i scretly always have feeling for him and thats y i can't control myself and also do the same and kiss him too as i am hiding my emotion for him from at least one year.i am shocked as he never kiss any girl i know it even not in any relationship why he kiss me.two time he kiss and the he left the room without saying anything to me. what i do


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  • Never be alone with him again


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  • if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.

  • Your having feelings with him just date already.


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