Girls how can I tell her I need to wear a wrist and knee brace at night?

I'm in this very new relationship with my girl and we just started sleeping together over night ( w/out sex fyi).

I hurt my knee and my wrist and have to wear braces at night to keep them from cramping up and thereby inflaming the muscles and tendons over time.

This is really embarassing to me but if I don't wear them it's pretty painful in the mornings.

How do I tell her that her 23 year old boyfriend is basically an old crippled guy who needs all kinds of stuff to keep his body together?

Should I not tell her and just try without it cause I really fear this could be a huge turn off for her.


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  • Just tell her, it's no big deal. I sprained my wrist in college and had to keep it wrapped including when I went to bed, my boyfriend at the time never cared. And my current boyfriend has to wear a brace on his ankle occasionally... who cares? If it's important for your health that's all that matters. I'd much rather him wear it and be comfortable, than be afraid of being judged and go without it and be in pain, that's just really pointless.


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  • Just tell her. She will probably understand, there is absolutely nothing embarrassing about it. It's your health.


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  • Just tell her. If she rejects you based on this then she does. Most people don't care.