He said he would talk to me in a few days, it's been 4 & still no message should I leave it & move on?

So me & my guy friend (who I have no idea what's going on between us) had an argument, I said some things I shouldn't have and regret. But anyways he said 'cool down and I'll speak to you in a few days I need to get my shit sorted which is a priority to me.'

I haven't messaged him, snap chatted him or anything & giving him his space. It's now been 4 days, and except bumping into him yesterday and exchanging a 'you alright.' As I walked by that's the only contact we've had. I'm now wondering if I'm just being a girl and thinking 4 days is a long time, how much longer should I give it till I move on? I do also want to kinda apologise for what I said but don't want to interrupt his space when I told him to have it.


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  • in my opinion if it's been 4 days it's time to move on


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  • He's wasting your time. My crush does same thing and its been a day since I've seen him, briefly.. But two weeks since he called and he didn't let me know he couldn't make a date. We can only move on or allow bad treatment. We deserve better girl. Chin up. I know how you feel. Guys suck!