Does your mood affect your tolerance for alcohol?

Last night, I was in a really bad mood (still am kind of). My friends and I went to a bar and I had only two Absolut vodkas with Coke and one beer. By the time I was done with the beer, I felt like I was well on my way to being drunk when it usually takes more than what I had to get me into that position. So how much does your mood play in the way alcohol affects your body?


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    Usually when I'm sad or depressed I get drunk easier.When I'm angry my tolerance to alcohol is higher than normal. Also my tolerance level depends on how much sleep I got.If I'm sleepy my tolerance drops...

  • Mood can affect the enzymes in the stomach and how the process the alcohol.

    Cool stull :)

  • No but it will effect and amplify whatever mood your already in. If you angry, you get even angrier.

    IF you had not had a lot to eat, were already feeling tired that can affect how strongly alcohol affects you.