What breed is your dog (pictures)?

For all dog owners out there, post a picture of your dog and let the GAG community guess its breed! :D Here's my boy

What breed is your dog (pictures)?


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  • Yours is a beautiful weimaraner :) I don't have a dog anymore, my family's dog passed away 3 years ago. I'm hopefully getting a dog soon, but I have to wait until my boyfriend and I are financially stable.

    Since I can't post a picture of my old dog, I'll just tell you she was a black lab/German shepherd/husky mix.

    • Yep, he's a weim ^_^ I'm sorry to hear that, my family had to deal with the loss of a dog before, but Ozzy fills up that empty space. We had a fox terrier before him

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  • Your dog is adorable. I don't have and dont wanna.

  • I dont have and don't want to

  • Ergh, Dog people... no just no

    • Shush you, I shall have Ozzy lick you to death til you learn to appreciate the love of a dog!

    • I was actually a dog person, until my dog died. ever since then, I can't stand them. My dog was there for me when I needed him. I couldn't live with the feeling of losing a best friend twice.

    • I'm sorry to hear that :(

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