Was it really that bad?

Okay so i want to see the new fantastic 4 movie but its getting terrible reviews, or reviews sayng its meh..

The director says the company fucked up the movie by editing from his version. People hate the idea of a black and white brother/sister and the fans seem to be very nit picky on other things. So what realy went wrong?
Personaly i think people wernt ready for this type of movie. I still haven't read it yet but it seems to be the same thing people have a issue with.

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  • I have not seen it yet but I was looking forward to it. I didn't realize it was getting such bad reviews though so maybe now I'll second-guess my decision to go see it. Lol

    • No go see it and let me know how it was. Dont let bad reviews discurage you lol

    • haha okay, I'm not sure when I'll have time to go but when I do, I'll definitely report back to this question :) Lol

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  • I've seen it. The story sucked ass and Doom... Wtf this n*gga was rushed like a motherfucker.


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