The extended version of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" is rated R: will you buy it if it really IS that violent?

It was rated R for "some violence", so I'm going to rent it to see if it's any more substantially violent than the theatrical version or if it'll be a "... That's it?" kind of thing; if it is indeed the first one, I won't buy it like I was looking forward to doing. I'm not trying to sound like a sissy, but I far less expected a movie from "The Hobbit" to be rated R than a movie from "The Lord of the Rings", so it's even more ridiculous in my opinion to make it so for "The Hobbit".

  • I don't care.
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  • No, that'd be ridiculous.
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  • I haven't seen "The Hobbit", so no.
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  • I didn't even like "The Hobbit", so no.
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  • i dont care.


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  • why is there no option for
    "Hell YES!" I really dont know why people didn't like the hobbit movies, yeah they weren't as good as TLOR, but they were still amazing.

    • They have great ratings from users on Rotten Tomatoes, so I didn't even know "The Hobbit" was unpopular to begin with.

      The "Star Wars" prequels: talk about underrated, in my opinion.

    • it is a bit more unpopular with the bigger fans of TLOR. but in the sense of prequels for movies. the hobbit far exceeds the starwars prequels

    • I too did like "The Hobbit" more.

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