Standard or Manual?

Shhhh. It's a trick question ! ( teehee )

Do you drive auto or standard?
Hey Look ! Aren't you glad you didn't correct my title? ;P

What do you enjoy most about the a-matic aside from
being able to use your cell phone between traffic and red lights?

Would you ever consider learning stick because it can be lots of fun !

How long does your car usually last and how decently do you FEEL you drive? ;P

Be obligated ! Leave your car in post & some exclusive details (MODS BRO. MODS) about her !

This post isn't asshole free, we'll all judge you muahahaah!
but I promise you, "I" won't give flying kite about it !

Do you enjoy weaving through cars while being considerate to the 'crappy drivers' when there's
light to medium traffic?

  • Ford ! ! !
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  • Chevy !!!
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  • Dodge ! ! !
    25% (1)0% (0)11% (1)Vote
  • RaceCar !!!
    25% (1)0% (0)11% (1)Vote
  • My Car Is stock cause inexcusable excuses ! ( INSERT YOURS HERE ! )
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  • Average Drivers ! Give me the percentage ! CLICK HERE !
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  • Other ( Euro/Asia/Any other models here ! INSERT Em' )
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Sadly I only know how to drive an automatic but I really wish I knew how to drive a manual car.

    • You should look for a man-bro to teach ya !
      I'm sure any man-bro you looking for will teach you,

      without a penny, they'd just rather enjoy excellent company from a passionate
      seeker of the gearbox switching technique ! haha

    • yay thank you for mhg ^^

Most Helpful Guy

  • I drive standard, but wouldn't mind driving manual - if I could practice enough ahead of time.

    • -Facepalm-

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    • You never asked my opinion, but I gave it to you anyways because you apparently needed it.

    • Ooooooohh, so you're just being a wittle bit emotional.
      Puck up dude, have a beer. You need it !

What Girls Said 1

  • I know how to drive both auto and standard. I learned how to drive on a standard and I enjoy both. At the moment my car is automatic.


What Guys Said 2

  • You might be interested to know that looking at your phone or other device while stopped at a red light now counts as distracted driving in Ontario.

    I learned to drive in a manual. Auto I just find boring.

    My cars last until I trade them in for something else.

    Weaving through traffic is a bad idea.

    • Weaving is definitely a bad idea BUT, when you're a
      race car driver at heart, it's never right and it's always fun ! bwahahahaah~

  • I don't really give a shit about manual cars. but my motorcycle will be manual forever.

    • Cruise safe bud ! I'd get a bike myself but y'know, Bills & Winter !

    • thank you man, I appreciate it. yeah the winter isn't very nice to two wheels lol.