When something is not worth doing (waste of time) or isn't necessary to do and you decide not to do it; what would you call yourself?

  • A Lazy person
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  • Just a Energy Efficient person (not going to waste your time)
    60% (3)100% (2)71% (5)Vote
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  • That depends on what you're doing with your time.

    Nothing? Then you're lazy.

    Something more important? Then you're efficient.

    Ask yourself: Is what I'm going to do more important than what I'm not? If it's not, then you're just being lazy.

    And if you are, fine. Fess up to it. I was an extremely lazy person, until I hated myself enough to change. Don't try to convince yourself you're better or worse than you actually are. Lying to themselves never did anybody any good.


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  • energy efficient.