Why are people so uneasy about metal music?

Most people really seem to be taken back by heavy and intense music with screams and complex musical patterns. All I simply ask is why? Even if it has a strong melody.


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  • OOOOOOOmfg, my boyfriend and I listen to hardcore
    music and I swear old people think we are going to eat their souls or some shit. hahahaha


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  • 2 reasons:

    1. People don't like things they don't understand. Simple as that. Metal is rarely if ever played on the radio, it's gets zero respect at music awards shows, it is a very niche thing is today's society. It's a very uncommon music genre for people to hear unless you go out of your way for it.

    2. It's hard to listen to. Most pop music has 2 core elements to them: repetition and simplicity. Most metal is severally lacking in those two aspects so for anyone who isn't used to listen to anything that isn't pop drivel, be it pop country, rap, rock, whatever, they find metal to difficult to listen to. You've probably heard it before.. "It's just a bunch of noise!" "How can you understand what's going on?" And I'm sure you know that trying to explain to them what's going on is like explaining the effects of western capitalism on 3rd world countries to a 5 years old haha


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  • Because they don't take the time to realise how beautiful it can be

    • I also think the idea of pushing musicianship and human capability beyond the norm is a thrilling idea that people don't even consider.

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  • Because it's easy to judge since there's so much, and since retarded screamo is at the forefront these days.

    In the 80s, the glory days for metal, more people were accepting of it. And it wasn't any deathcore or metalcore shit.

    This is metal, people:

  • You can't account for people's personal tastes. I don't like jazz, I can't stand it. Why? Because I just don't like it.

    • I personally hate country!

  • I like metal music, but I don't like scream-o stuff, I like to understand what they are actually saying

    • A lot of bands have a mix of screams and clean vocals. Some lean more one way or the other. Screaming can have its place, but it can be overdone too. I don't like bands that are too screamy either. That pig-squeal stuff is nonsense though lol.