Anybody joining the star wars boycott? whats that about?

What is this even about? Some black actors or something? Was one of them supposed to be white


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  • People got whiny because one of the main characters in the new Star Wars film is black and they're calling it 'white genocide', like suddenly not being the main character in a film is going to mean white people are going to be wiped out. It's pretty stupid.


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  • I didn't even hear about it. I'm worried they're going to make Star Wars emotional and dramatic. Plus a lightsaber with a guard looks kind of lame. I don't know, I'm afraid it's going to be a disappointment like the newer 3 were. Besides, the old ones had Lando Calrission (however you spell it). People are crazy.

    • Ol Billy D. Williams. Yea sounds crazy. I liked the last one a lot. Maybe it won't be so bad. I'm more anxious for this last resident evil movie than the star wars


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  • It's stupid boycott in my opinion. It's about Star Wars ep.7 promoting ''White Genocide'' by casting a black actor as the main character in the film and the jews are the one behind it.. It's fucking absurd.