Is internet video better than TV entertainmeant?

I'm not including films in this because of things like nextflix
I spend a lot of my time watching youtube
I most of the things I used to watch on the tv e. g. wwe, rick and morty and south park I can now watch online
my sister spends the majority of the day watching TV
so what do you guys think?

  • Internet video is better
    38% (3)33% (2)36% (5)Vote
  • TV is better
    38% (3)33% (2)36% (5)Vote
  • I don't know I like both
    24% (2)34% (2)28% (4)Vote
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  • I stopped watching TV years ago since my early teens. Nothing interesting in TV nowadays. As if it's something made exclusively for old people. And the way I see it, more and more young people move on from the TV to the internet.


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  • Both are great in my opinion.

  • YT is the best

    Except for the tv show Lost, Lost is holy in my book