(TVD) Who do you ship together?

I think Bonnie/Enzo are adorable.
I don't like Stephan/Caroline. I'd prefer him with Valerie.
Oh, and I think it's time Matt got a normal, successful relationship. With a human.

Um.. I meant on The Vampire Diaries haha...
TVD=The Vampire Diaries ;)


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  • Ask @PeachSunset , first I think they should get a normal girl for Alaric saltzman, poor guys everytime he loves a girl, she dies cause of supernatural cause. Carolina looks perfect with Klaus! - - Carolina without her humanity with Klaus - - PERFECT COUPLE.

    Bonnie and Enzo, Bonnie is a kid and Enzo is like what like 200yrs old.
    And you can go and try for Matt, he definitely needs a human like you, he has deep blue eyes

    • Nik, no! Damon is almost 200 years too and Elena is also a kid! 😂But their still goals af. And yes his eyes are gorgeous, just like Katerina said. Ik you're probably straight and everything, but BOOM:

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    • @WhatTheHellAmy 😳😳 nope I m still thinking 😳😳

    • Thanks for MHO


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  • I just started watching again and it looks like I missed a lot. Stefan is now with Caroline, I was like wtf? Whatever happened to Elena tho? I kinda miss her and Stefan together. 💏

  • I don't know but the ORIGINALS, I ship Elijah and Hayley so much!

  • Hell no bonnie and enzo is out of fucking no where its fucking dumb lol

    I'm a bonnie and Damon shipper its so awesome and it makes good story if Elena comes back.

    Varlie is yucky but I thought I wanted Stephen and Caroline until I actually got it lol. There so incompatible. Caroline worked best with Tyler to me.

    Speaking of which do u think Tyler should go to the originals it make for soooo much good story plot he can be a hybrid. Klaus compulsion wore of Tyler when Tyler died what do u think.

    I love this topic lol all Am I really the only straight guy here. lmao

    • I liked caroline and tyler as well. The actor who played tyler quit though :(

    • He might just guest star beacuase he was on episode 3 and they mention him again on episode 6

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  • Depends on whether this is the books or not. In the books, I really liked Damon and Bonnie (Bonnie was like a completely different character in the books, the only thing book! Bonnie and tv! Bonnie have in common is being witches really...), in the TV show I guess I enjoyed Caroline and Klaus.

  • justin timberlake and jessica biel
    nicole kidman and keith urban.

    cutest hollywood couples out <3

  • Bonnie and Enzo? The fuck kind a drugs are you on?
    Stephan and Caroline
    Bonnie and Damon
    That is how it should be.

  • I stopped watching it.
    I used to like Bonnie with Jeremy.

  • Damon and Elena.
    Stefan and Caroline.